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Mens Wetsuits

The best action sports surfing brand wouldn’t be complete without a collection of premier wetsuits. Quiksilver has a wide variety of surf suits and sizes for all different skill levels. But no matter where you are in your surfing level, you can bet that you’ll stay warm and comfortable with Quiksilver wetsuits when you’re out catching waves. Our team has been using new advanced technologies that allow warm, flexible material on your wetsuit that adapts to your body movements, giving you the ultimate freedom in the water. Whether you prefer back zip wetsuits, front zip wetsuits, or hooded wetsuits, be confident and comfortable knowing you’re zipped in with Quiksilver.

Surfing Wetsuits for Men: Different Suits for Different Folks

Quiksilver carries a wide range of surf wetsuits for men, so there’s a good chance we have exactly what you’re looking for. And even if you have no idea what you want, there are plenty of different styles for you to browse through, all offering comfort and warmth for when you’re out catching waves, regardless of what season it is. So, strap in, get warm, and get surfing.

Float Lighter with Fuseflex

The warmest wetsuit on the market is now 16% lighter with more air cells that add heat and flexibility. And by eliminating seam stitching and reducing taping by 60%, it’s also even more comfortable. A great option for the more advanced surfer. Fuseflex features FN-LITE Neoprene, which stretches even farther than its predecessor and it’s enhanced with this technology:

  • Water-Block Semi Dry Zip
  • Plio Tech Thermal Air Chamber Neoprene
  • Fuseflex Stitchless Seam Technology

Cold Water Decoded with Cypher

The Cypher wetsuit is the perfect combination of warmth and flexibility, designed with Hydrolock Seam Seals that blocks out water and bio-fleece technology that acts as a second defense system against cold water, keeping you extra warm. Stay warm and dry in even the coldest temperatures with:

  • Water-Block Semi Dry Zip

Light up Your Surf Skills with Ignite

The Ignite is most flexible wetsuit that Quiksilver offers, so your skills are never limited by what your suit can do. You’ll be amazed by what you can do on your board when nothing is holding you back. Made with:

  • 100% FN-LITE
  • YKK™ #8 Chest Zip
  • Hydrolock Seams

Catch Killer Waves for Less When in The Pyre

Get incredible value for a fraction of the price. Now it’s possible to stay warmer for longer in a high-quality Quiksilver suit even when you’re on a budget. The Pyre features this state-of-the-art technology:

  • 100% Hyperstretch 3.0
  • Thermal Smoothie
  • LFS (Liquid Flex Seal)

The Syncro Helps Keep your Body, Board, and Wetsuit In Sync

Get more bang for your buck in a suit that’s stretchy enough to move the way you move, and doesn’t cost a fortune. You’ll be surprised at just how great the Syncro moves right along with you. Also features:

  • YKK™ #8 Chest Zip
  • Thermal Smoothie
  • GBS (Glued & Blind Stitched)

A Full Wetsuit for Every Season

Find a Quiksilver wetsuit for every season, keeping you at the perfect body temperature regardless of what the weather has to say. You’ve never let cold water stop you before and there’s no need to start now, especially with a wide range of suits to choose from including Ignite, Cypher, Fuseflex, Pyre and Syncro.

The Warmer the Better

Once the weather starts to get better, you’ll be spending a lot more time in the water. A Syncro or Ignite suit would be your best choice because these are very light and extremely flexible, so you can stay warm and be free.

The Brisk Defense

Once fall and winter come around, don’t let that stop you from surfing. Check out the Cypher, Fuseflex, and Pyre options, which have added warmth and support making it ideal for cooler conditions.

What’s your suit preference?

For the independent, solo-surfer, you might want to try a front zip wetsuit to tap into the ultimate independence. If going with friends is your thing, hop into a back zip wetsuit that you’ll never have to feel when lying on your stomach paddling out.

Try This One on for Size

Once you find a suit that fits what you’re looking for temperature and style-wise, you then need to pick a size. Quiksilver suits are designed to be fit, warm and flexible, and we offer the following sizes:

  • 2mm wetsuits
  • 3mm wetsuits
  • 5mm wetsuits
  • 6mm wetsuits

Imagine going to surf and never having to worry about the water temperature. With Quiksilver, you’ll have extra confidence knowing that you’re going to be warm, dry, and comfortable, so you can put all of your focus on doing what you love best - surfing. Always enjoy the experience.

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